Phil Davis Research Notes

The History of Long Buckby – Phil Davis’ Legacy     

For over 40 years, Phil Davis studied, researched, recorded and photographed his adopted village of Long Buckby.  He was interested in all aspects of village life, from farming and fields to families, houses, shops and industries.  He was a long term member of the Local History Society and during his time with the Society he helped produce several booklets including Memories of Long Buckby (1991), Long Buckby in the 1890’s (1994), had the original Mrs. Frost’s Scrapbook typed and photographed and published (1995) and he researched and edited Long Buckby at the Millennium (1999). He also transcribed and typed copies of the Long Buckby entries for the Censuses up to and including 1911.

He often could be seen taking groups around the village on history walks and undertook many talks and quizzes to clubs and societies in Buckby and surrounding villages on topics as diverse as “Grave Information” to “Emigrants”

Upon Phil’s death in 2017 his family decided to donate his numerous files, presentations and photographs to the Local History Society. Sadly the original intention of scanning the material and make it publicly available on the internet has had to be abandoned due to copyringht and data protection issues.  This would have enabled the many people searching on line for their links to Long Buckby to see what Phil had recorded on the many Buckby families and homes and other historical facts.

However all the documentation, maps, photographs, photocopies, hardcopies and computer analysis have now been recorded and the items are stored at Long Buckby Local History Society Museum in Station Road. A summary of all the items has been made and it is shown on the Local History Society Museum website and the Parish Council Website.  Those wanting to see any of the items should approach the Local History Society.  They can be contacted through their Museum website –


Gretta Davis




Notes on Murcott House – compiled by Dr. R.G. Lilly

Conveyance – 1927 for sale of Lady Close to Herbert Phillips

Abstract Deeds of Gas House

Gas House Mill Hill

Notes re House Deeds for 14 Brington Road – Stone Cottage

Legge & Sismey re. Sale of residential properties in the estate of Late Mrs. A.J. Burrows

Note on sale of 16 & 18 High Street

Note on Deeds of 4 and 6 Harbidges Lane

Note on Deeds of Knutsford Hall and 17 High Street

Conveyance for Manor Farm 1915

Particulars of Sale of Grange Farm 1947

Letter re. history of Stone House, 113 East Street

Note on history of The Admiral Rodney Pub pre 1999

Sale of land and house – 30 Holyoake Terrace

Notes on History of The Grange pre 2003

Note on Old Deeds in possession of LB History Society

Photocopy of Sale notice re. dwelling house and land in High Street belonging to Mr. Watson

Housing Survey

Conveyance for Holmfield House, Holmfield Terrace 1954

Newspaper reference to LB farms and farmers

Romaset Cottage

Notes from Abstract of Deeds for Park House, Buckby Wharf

Price List re. Ashmore Park, East Street LB 1983

Handwritten note re. Thomas Eyre’s Will and Probate from Fuller’s deeds

Sale particulars of Properties, land and allotments owned by Edwin Coleman 1908

Plan and location of Listed Buildings

Photocopies of newspaper items re. houses for sale in The Banks – 1972 & building the Library 1971

Details of sale of buildings plots in High Street and West Street 1972

List of Scheduled buildings 1964

Sale notice for house & land – Rockhall House Market Place 1851

Abstract of Title Deed 1902 for 17 High Street

Abstract of Title – Deeds of the Horseshoe public house

Notes on Deeds of 18 King Street

Deeds for LB Sports Club, Station Road 1946

Notes on Deeds for 4 & 6 Harbidges Lane

Great Chequer and Little Chequer

Notes on LB Estate Sales 1861

Long Buckby Village Trail

Drawing of proposed building on site of Cook’s Factory, Station Road 2001

File of notes and drawings of distinctive LB houses as published in LB at the Millennium

Abstract of Indenture of Mortgage for Green Man Inn 1715

Copy of Pesvner’s entry for Long Buckby

Photocopy of Terrier of land in Little North Field, Highway Field, Hoborough Field


U3A walk – April 2015

U3A  LB Village Centre Walk –Jan.2008

Village walk – East Haddon Hist. Soc.

Radical Roots

Brington Hist. Soc. walk

Buckby Feast walk – Aug. 2012

History Soc. walk – June 2008

Notes on Powerpoint presentation – LB Then and Now Nov. 1990

Notes on Powerpoint presentation – Pub Crawl 1884

Notes on Powerpoint presentation – The Story of Buckby Wharf – Feb. 2005

Notes on Powerpoint presentation – AGM Quiz Then and Now

Wharf Walk – June 2007

Notes on Powerpoint presentation – Mud, Money & Music (and Mischief)– Woodford Halse Jan. 2005

Notes on Powerpoint presentation – AGM Quiz 2009

Notes on Powerpoint presentation – Victorian Women and Ladies – Staverton Jan. 2007

Buckby Wharf public houses

Notes on Powerpoint presentation – given to Flore

Notes on Powerpoint presentation – Who’d be a Woman in a Victorian Village – for National Council of Women March 2004

Notes on presentation to Women’s Rendezvous – Sept. 2005

Notes on Powerpoint presentation – Women’s Rendezvous – May 2006

Notes on Powerpoint presentation – A Ride Through Old LB – Women’s Rendezvous – 2002

Notes on Powerpoint presentation – Women’s Rendezvous – March 2000

History Society Quiz Rounds and answers – April 2005

Notes on Powerpoint presentation – Then and Now – URC March 2005

Notes on Powerpoint presentation – Buckby Without – History Society – Nov. 1987

Notes on Powerpoint presentation – Buckby Wharf – Sept. 2002

Notes on Powerpoint presentation – Darby and Joan – July 2004

Notes on slides – Shopkeepers

Notes re. Gwen Townsend

Notes on Powerpoint presentation – Local Villages Quiz – Hist Soc. AGM April 2002

Notes on Powerpoint presentation – given to Moulton Hist.Soc – Nov. 2002

Notes on walk round village given to French Twinning Group August 2003

Notes on Powerpoint presentation – given to Visually Impaired group Oct. 2002

Notes on Powerpoint presentation – given to Visually Impaired group March 2003

Questions and answers – How Well do you Know LB picture quiz – Xmas 2001

Notes for Houses talk – Nov. 2001

Notes on Powerpoint presentation – for LB Infant School Centenary 1994

Notes on slide show presentation – for LB Infant School May 1998

Notes on slide show given to “72” Club – 1997

Notes on slide show given to Hist. Soc. – West Side Story – Nov. 1997

Notes on slide show given to WI dinner

Notes on slide show given to Brington Hist. Soc. April 1996

Notes on slide show given to Brington Hist. Soc. Sept. 1985

Notes on slide show at Hist. Soc. AGM Quiz 1987, 1989, 1991, 1995

Parish Council Centenary slides – Dec. 1994

Notes on slide show for Iris Dexter’s talk – Nov. 1994

Notes on Daventry History Day – June 1994

Presentations to Junior School – Nov. 1987, Dec. 1985, Dec. 1989

Notes on slide show to Derby & Joan – April 1991

Notes on slide show to Women’s Rendezvous – Sept. 1992

Notes on slide show to Women’s Rendezvous – Nov. 1990

Notes on slide show to “72” Club –  March 1990, Jan 1991

Notes for Footpath walk – Aug. 1982

Slides for Church – May 1992

Notes on slides for Daventry History Day – Apr. 1992

Notes on slide show to Greenhill Court – Feb. 1992

Notes on walk round village for Local History Badge

Notes on slide show to Working Men’s Club – July 1989, January 1989, April 1990

Notes on slide show to History Soc. Nov. 1986

Notes on slide show to “72” Club – Jan. 1979, Nov. 1983Feb. 1988 and Sept. 1985

Notes on presentation to Welton re. History Soc. – March 1988

Notes on slide show to – Mothers’ Union – February 1986

History Soc.Talk notes – April 1984

Notes on slide show to Holdenby WI – January 1981

Notes re. Buckby and the Black Death

Notes on Hist. Soc. walk – Aug. 1980

Notes on talk on Select Vestry 1826-1835

Notes on Parish 1815 – 1850

Notes on Pip (Clifton’s) Evening 1981 & 1982

Walk round village – , Aug. 1979, Aug 1981

Talk to Hist. Soc. Dec. 1979

Notes on features of Mrs. Frost’s Scrapbook 1953




A Hundred Years Ago

AGM Quiz 2009

Baptist Quiz

Bunting Talk

Christmas Quiz 2008

Darby & Joan Talk 2011

Emigrants Talk

L & B Then & Now & Now 2015

Long Buckby & World War 1

Pub Crawl Presentation 2

When We Were Young

Woodford Walk

(Under Documents)

D & J Talk 2010

100 Years ago

Grave Information

Shoe Town Talk – Final

Shoe Town & Comm talk 2010 (2 versions)

Then and Now

Unruly Neighbour 2013

Who’d be a Woman in a Victorian Village?

Woodford Talk


File of various maps of Long Buckby prior to the Buckby Meadows and other Station Road development in 2017/8

File of Long Buckby parish maps

File of small areas of village

Safer Routes to Schools location map from Atkins

File of maps of Long Buckby Wharf

Enclosure, Furlongs etc.

1884 and 1900 Ordnance Survey extracts and complete map (1stseries SP66) of Long Buckby and Northampton and Long Buckby (Pathfinder Series SP66/76)


Discovering Parish Boundaries – Angus Winchester

File of maps giving field names, along with personal notes on history of Farms and Lodges through the ages

Notes on street names and why they have those names

Note on Development of Long Buckby with roads in existence in medieval Buckby & map LB before 1766

Long Buckby and Watford – Medieval settlements and estates

“Bridges” Notes on Long Buckby collected in 1718 & in Bodlean Library

Note on 1976/7 survey of fields

Long Buckby – geological notes

Field Systems and Township Structure – David Hall

Extracts from The Open Fields of Northamptonshire – David Hall

Wikipedia entry Feb. 2014 on Watford Gap

The Communications of Watford Gap – J.H. Appleton

Map of Deserted village of Murcott & settlement remains at Long Buckby

Inclosure Act 1765 – notes for Long Buckby and Watford

The Northampton County Magazine – In Two Hundred Years Changes in a Northamptonshire Road

The Nene and its Branches

Roads and Tracks of Britain – Christopher Taylor London 1974

Notes on Turnpikes

Map of Walks around Long Buckby in the 20’s & 30’s

Map of settlements in Long Buckby and Watford

Notes on Evidence of Early Settlement in Long Buckby, Murcott and Watford

Rules for Working the Open Field System

Long Buckby Taxpayers in Henry VIII’s lay Subsidy 1525-6

Summary of Duchy of Lancaster Survey of the Manor in 1591

Survey of the Manor of Long Buckby 1591

Names of Long Buckby Streets – 1884

Local Deserted Villages

Summary of Past and Present Relevant Articles

The River System of Northamptonshire

Copy of Map of Buckby with field names

A History of Long Buckby re. early Manor


Buckby Meadows Street Names

Roads and Tracks of Britain – Christopher Taylor London

Lakeside Estate – Road Names

Address names from Infant School Admissions Register

Names of Long Buckby Streets

Handwritten notes of Long Buckby Street and Road Names

Notes on looking for references on Field Names from Day School 1981

Classification of English Field  Names – John Field  1978

Terriers and Field Names – mainly handwritten notes with details of evidence.

Terriers of Land attached to Conveyances of 17thand early 18thCenturies



Long Buckby Heath Walks

Originals of maps for 4 village walks – designed and written up by Phil Davis

Walk 1 – The Village Edge

Walk 2 – Vanderplanks and Picnic Spinney

Walk 3 – The Wharf and Murcott

Walk 4 – Whilton and Whilton Mill

Copies of Countryside Walks Long Buckby – designed and written by Phil Davis

Long Buckby Parish Footpath Survey – Autumn 1987

Letters and documents relating to Phil Davis’ time as Parish Footpath Warden 1995 – 2009


Ordnance Survey map of Long Buckby first series

Original Enclosure Act receipt from Thos. Clarke 1776 (found in drawer)

Long Buckby Inclosure Award – Provision of Roads, Paths etc.

Map of pre inclosure landholding

Long Buckby 1901 Census – map showing birthplace of villagers in Northamptonshire

Copy of 1910 letter from G Miller to Mr. Underwood re. providing bathing place

1989 press cutting re 300 new homes

History and Site of Village – paper from John Irons 1962

Long Buckby – Geological notes by Bert Brown

Common Lands – explanation of terminology

Long Buckby Castle with drawn plot map (2)

Trial Excavation of the West Bailey of Ring Motte and Bailey at Long Buckby (1956)

Long Buckby map of field names

Partial map of field names by Rye Hill Farm

Laminated maps  – showing areas of Long Buckby before 1766

Ownership of fields bordering Watford/West Haddon

Centre of Long Buckby – no date

                               Entire length of Long Buckby – no date

Long Buckby Farms in 1940’s

Article from Roads and Tracks of Britain – Christopher Taylor London 1979

Article from Archaeological Sites of NW Northants.

Typed details from The Quality Book for Long Buckby 1765

Long Buckby Inclosure Boundaries

Typed article “A Road by Any Other Name ….”


Note on cinema in Long Buckby at Co-op Hall

Notes on Long Buckby cinemas’ programme for The Morals of Marcus

Photocopy of programme

Hill’s Theatre – Variety at Long Buckby

Photocopy of receipts for Long Buckby Church Institute

Photocopy of Daventry Weekly Express article on Backbone of Scouts – Al Bruce and Marion Harris

Notes by Marshall Facer on LB Scouts

1907 press cuttings of LB Cricket Club

1950 press cuttings of Rugby side loss

Photocopies of Long Buckby Temperance Prize Band admission tickets and programmes

Prize Bands of 1893

Prize Bands of 1896

Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations 1897 – Joyce Sharp

Programme for Silver Jubilee celebrations 1935

Press Cutting of Long Buckby’s celebration of Coronation of Edward VII 1902

History of Phipps Brewery

Copy of ticket for 16thAnnual Sunday School trip to North Wales 1903

1903 Catalogue for Poultry, Chickens and Eggs bred by Herbert Phillips

Long Buckby Young Ringers

Long Buckby Tennis Tournament – The First 100 Years

Long Buckby Cricket Club 1948 Programme

Long Buckby Floral and Horticultural Society programme – August 1968

Northamptonshire Land Conference – Liberal Song Sheet 1926

Boxing in Long Buckby

Press cutting re C.E.T.S. meeting

Past and Present piece on Long Buckby Brass Band

Ken Bailey’s Thoughts on Dancing as a Pastime at Long Buckby during 20thCentury

LB Sports Field Committee’s approval of lease for Scout Pavillion 1972

Long Buckby Bands’ rivalry 1941

Old Kings Head Tree Planting press cutting & planters 1963 – 2013


Selection of photocopies of letters and press articles relating to wartime Long Buckby and repositioning war memorial

Local History Society’s leaflet celebrating VE Day in Long Buckby + press cuttings

First World War – records of Northants. County Appeals Tribunal (and Daventry

The Women’s Land Army – Members’ Leaflet and Uniform leaflet

Marion Gilbert’s Wartime Memories (Stanley Unwin’s eldest daughter)

Long Buckby in World War I – an account of lives and deaths of some of the many LB men who served in the war

Mention in Despatches of the Ship Montcale

Defence Regulations – Cultivation of Lands Order 1939 for Long Buckby

Commonwealth War Graves Commission  entries for Harry Bishop and George William Maycock

Welcome back from War poster relating to George William Tebbitt June 20 1901 (photocopy)


Only Birds and Fools Fly – photocopy of press cutting of Freddie Raynham’s flight and landing in Long Buckby 1913

Copy of Professional Engineering’s article on Commercial Flight lands at Long Buckby

List of Buckby Photographs of Can Boats

Copy of William E. Berry’s License to drive May 1926

Handwritten list of dates and details relating to Northampton to Rugby Branch-line for LNWR + copy of article

Schedule and Map “A Bill to make a Railway from London to Birmingham 1833”

LMS train Fares 1932

Article from A History of Railways in Northamptonshire’s – re. Northampton Loop

Notes from Railways of Northants. By David Blagrove

Article on Long Buckby Train Crash 1966 by Phil Davis

Long Buckby Motors Bus service timetable August 1931

Rural Transport Needs Survey 2002

Mike Hill’s notes on Hill climb at Long Lane in 1922

The Daventry Branch – by Stanley Jenkins

The History of Long Buckby Station – by Paul Whiffin 2006

Long Buckby Station – by Paul Whiffin 2008

Article on Long Buckby Station by Paul Whiffin 2009

Photocopies of press cuttings relating to Buckby station

Midland Red bus service timetable – Rugby to Long Buckby

Torn leaflet about Sunday School outing to Llandudno in August 1903

Information re. Blue Boar café at Watford Gap

Parish Roads – copy of form to Tender for Haulage of Materials 1895

Photocopy of L & NWR Society Journal June 2009

Handwritten note on Turnpikes from 1738 – 1877

A child’s life on a working boat – collection of memories put together by Phil Davis


Extracts from Long Buckby Parish Council Minutes 1894-1901

Local Government and Elections – variety of documents including Holmfield Terrace/Hog Lane dispute

Lords of the Manor 1932 press cutting

Draft of article by Phil Davis on history of Long Buckby

Various items relating to the Coronation Pole

The Buckby Fire of 1814

Article re. LB Women’s Liberal Association 1894-1913

Politics 1886 – from Emily Jane Tebbitt’s Diary

Lock-up on Market Place demolished 1974

Poverty and Constables accounts (pre 1832)

Friendly Societies and self help

Labourers and Allotments – Ron Greenall

Radicalism and Chartism in Long Buckby 1881

Copy of Conveyance for Sale of Land by Church to LB Parish Council for use as parish cemetery (1951)

Highways Rate Levy Long Buckby 1796

Walks in my Study – Inoculation for Smallpox – reference to Long Buckby

Northampton Mercury article on Buckby Feast 1908

Northampton Mercury article on Co-op Bakehouse and new houses at Holyoake Terrace – 1904

Northampton Mercury article on LB Rates Strike over Roads & other items 1925

Bush Money Accounts Book 1854-1867 extracts

The Long Buckby Directory


Prospectus of the Long Buckby Shoe Manufactory Limited 1867

Long Buckby Local History Notes – Boot and Shoemakers

Press cuttings from 1950’s regarding local shoemaking

Item from Mrs. Frost’s Scapbook 1953 re local shoemaking

Table showing the emergence of footwear specialisms 1841-1901

Analysis from 1841 Census of LB Shoemakers

George York and son – e-mail extract

Long Buckby shoe manufacturers 1854-1903

Shoemakers in Northamptonshire 1762-1911

National Union of Boot and Shoe Operatives 1912

The History of Boot and Shoemaking at Long Buckby

Additional Information on Shoemaking in 19thCentury Buckby

Buildings of the Boot and Shoe Industry – showing 57 East Street Long Buckby

Shoemaking Reminiscences from Derick Gautrey, Peter Nichols, Derek Bent, Joy Clues, William & Sydney Hefford

Revival of Long Buckby Market – 1828

Long Buckby Local History Notes – Gas Works and notes on its history

Coal Tar from Long Buckby – Beryl Williams

The £2,000 Buggy – Daily Mail press cutting 2007

Wheels of Fortune – Financial Times Magazine 2003

About Frank Palmer – Baker

Windmills of Northamptonshire and various Long Buckby Mills

Walks in My Study – Pin-making

Charles A Hobbs – Tailor and Breeches Maker 1925

Shops in Buckby – Iris Dexter’s memory

Brewed in Northants. By Mike Brown 2013

A note on a forgotten Northamptonshire Industry – Woolcomber

Some Northamptonshire Brickworks – Richard O’Rourke & note to Jim Jelley re Thompsons bricks

Phil Davis’ Dissertation section regarding Factories

Picture and Insurance Cert. for George Clarke Long Buckby 8 day longcase clock


Charities in Parish of Long Buckby – The Poors Land and Doles, Robins’ Dole,, Wadsworth’s Dole, Freemans Charities

Declaration of Trust – Parish Council to provide a Village Hall 1976

Long Buckby is Becoming a Deserted Village  – Press cutting 1934

Charity Commission and William Joseph Haynes – governing document 1967

Notes on 1693 Deed for the Watts Lands to Buckby

Poors Land, Long Buckby – points on draft lease

Mr. Robin’s Charity on Gilberts Land 24 March 1648 – Northants. Records Office copy

History of New Recreation Committee by Robin Lock 2009

Copy of Trust Deed with Committee of Management of LB Children’s Recreation Ground 1967

Trust document appointing trustees of the Sports Organisations in Long Buckby 1989

Cricket Field Trust Deed 1946

Will of William Joseph Haynes 1950

Trust Deeds and other documents relating to The Poors Land, United Charities & setting up Cotton End Park 2008



Oral Tradition – the Recital of Family History – Joseph Timms

Order of Memorial Service for Marian Harris d. 2009

Order of Memorial Service for Anne Croston d. 2010

Press cutting of Karl Browne died aged 11 in bus accident

Note by Phil Davis re. Charlotte Payne d. 1979

Note by Phil Davis re George Fall d.1917

Anne Owen-Smith’s childhood memories of Long Buckby

Press cutting 1947 re Mr. J. Cooper

Press Cutting re. death of Dr. F. Churchouse 1927

Press Cutting re. death of Mr. A. Beddard 1984

Press Cutting re. Mrs. Mitchell’s 90thbirthday

Press Cutting re. Mrs. Sarah Coleman

Press Cutting re coach incident with LB Darby & Joan Club 1983

Pres Cutting re Dr. Death 1985

Press Cutting re. death of General Sir Frederick Horn(e) – Buckby Hall 1895

Press Cutting re. deaths of Josiah Packer and Mr. Clark Eyre and  1924

Press cutting re. Joseph Swann (aged 14) 1909

Press cutting re. death of Dr. E. A. Cox

Copy of William Joseph Haynes’ Will 1950

David Owen Norris – biography 2006

Press cutting – Shocking Occurrence at a well at Long Buckby – 3 men asphyxiated  – 1905

Property of Deceased William Bannister of Bay Tree House 1930

Press cutting re. death of Richard Hobbs 1905

Press cutting – Paki-Package with Mick Hill from Daventry Weekly Express November 1970

Cutting from The Northampton County Magazine 1930 re. naming Virginia USA

Press Cutting – Beauty and the Beast – re. Charlotte Kerrell 1979

The Oral Tradition: One family’s tale.  New Society 1963

Press cutting – Dr. Death goes on the run from prison – May 1985

Press cutting – Macrea’s Crime & Execution of Macrea – 1892

Press Cutting – Shocking Suicide of a Northamptonshire Gentleman – Mr. J.A. Craven 1893

Long Buckby Childhood and Reflections – Talk by Iris Dexter to LB Local History Society 1994

School Memories by Iris Dexter

Infant School Memories – Mrs. Elsie Groves

Yates Crest and Coat of Arms as at east window of St. Lawrence Church

Memories of unknown evacuee

Handwritten notes of things noted during transcription of 1881 Census

Handwritten notes re Worster family

Handwritten notes re. Charlie Butlin

1991 Census Profile for Long Buckby

Parish Population 2001

Paper relating to family of William Brown – The Boat, East Street, Long Buckby

Press cutting – William Fisk of Rose Cottage, King Street

Press Cutting re. Oscas Rabin’s Offer at Long Buckby

Press cutting re The Village of Wit and Generosity – Mrs.Frost’s Scapbook 1968

Handwritten note – Visit of Jack and Betty Dowsett 1998

Village website guestbook entry re. Ken Jeffery’s memories of Dr. Atkinson and Albert & Margorie Amos

Handwritten village interview – Ronald W. Tomalin

Typescript of Elizabeth Brennecke’s interview of memories of her life in Long Buckby

Typescript of Elizabeth Brennecke’s interview of memories of William Hefford

A number of Press cuttings of events and people of Long Buckby (some are repeats)

George Ernest Clifton as remembered by his daughter Margaret Rumsey


Schooling in Long Buckby – Research paper by Jenny Pollard

Education and Self Improvement – School Boards 1871-95, Passive Resistance to the 1902 Education Act etc

Two line drawings of the Infant School

Long Buckby Infant School Headteachers 1874-2018

Long Buckby Schools Teaching staff – 1974

Long Buckby Infant School staff lists 1924 -2001

Buckby Schools 1818 – Digest of Returns

Margaret Clifton’s report from Northampton High School 1923

Long Buckby Distribution of Prizes at the Board Schools

Account of Opening of the Long Buckby Board School 1874

Page 1 of indenture sale of estate in Litchborough for schools in Bilton & Long Buckby by Mr. Andrew Mieres 1808

Report by HM Inspectors on Long Buckby Primary School 1952

Infant School Memories – Elsie Groves

School Memories – Iris Dexter


Long Buckby Parish Paper 1968

The Architectural Vicissitudes of the Church of St. Lawrence Long Buckby – Graham Lilly

Long Buckby Parish Council – Access to the Cemetery 2006

Parish Church Seating Plan 1777

St. Lawrence Churchyard Layout – Lois Johnston

Ron Greenall’s 1970  Lecture – Religion in Long Buckby & Religion Census of 1851 etc.

Handwritten notes on Jeremiah Smith, Rev. Charles Yate, Arthur Oswel James

Photocopy of 1901 note on Buckby Wharf Church

Note on Opening of Long Buckby Wharf Mission Church

Press cutting re Dilemma of a Vicar – possible closure of Wharf Church

Study Notes on the Parish Church of St. Lawrence – basis of two talks to LB Loal History Society 1982 & 1983

Photocopy of the front cover of LB Parish Magazine Oct. 1884

Copy of letter from Hazel Yates Jones re Yates Crest in East Window of Church

Putting the Record Straight – Barbara Fuller’s note re. site of St. Gregory’s Church, Long Buckby

The Vicarage, Long Buckby – Anne White’s notes 2012

Restoration of the Parish Church of Long Buckby – 1862

Handwritten sheets of ? Church Vicars 1838-1940

What the Vicar told the Royal Commission into Employment of Women & Children in Agriculture in Long Buckby 1867

Long Buckby School Boards 1871-95

Mutual Improvement and Working People after 1848 in Long Buckby

Long Buckby Congregational Church – a brief Historical Sketch 1701-1957 by Leslie S. Ivory

Long Buckby School Boards 1871-95

Mutual Improvement and Working People after 1848 in Long Buckby

Press cutting – Congregational Chapel – new windows 1927

Press cutting – Temperance Meetings 1921

Long Buckby United Reformed Church – Project by Stephen Godwin

Long Buckby Baptist Church – An Old Church Book

The Baptists – ?Ron Greenall’s lecture notes

Baptist Centenary Year Book 1946

Baptist Church Ministers pre 1900

Copy of letter belonging to Jennifer Thompson from James Haynes 1837 & Jennifer’s note re. Churches – James Haynes

The Parish Church of St. Lawrence, Long Buckby – two leaflets by F.M.L. Parker 1981

Memorials of the Independent Church at Long Buckby ? Thomas Coleman

Antiquarian Memoranda 1901 – Church and Dissent in 1676 & Rev. Henry Capern

Copy of Northants Nonconformist & Long Buckby Records 1904

Photocopy of The Northampton County Magazine letter re Long Buckby Rose

Conveyance The Rev. M.S. Mostyn Robinson – 1951

Copy of Declaration of Mr. Henry Savory 1924

Note o Thomas Caleb Hughes

Effects of Chartism on Church and Chapel in mid Victorian Buckby

Report  of the District Visitation to Long Buckby URC 1989

Note from Northants and Rutland Clergy of Wills witnessed by priests etc. 1519-65

Section of Parish Magazine 1986

Copy of p1 of Langton Freeman’s Will dated 1782 & handwritten notes main points

Copy of handwritten notes on Langton Freeman

Langton Freeman’s entry in Northamptonshire and Rutland Clergy

Copy of village website enquiry re Presbyterian Chapel 2011

Copy of vicarage entry in 1911 Census transcription

Handwritten notes re Compton Census of 1676 and births and baptisms 1867-1937

Press cutting – Call to save a church in peril of crumbling away – United Reformed Church

Photocopy Long Buckby Young Ringers, Commencement and Discharge

Wikipedia entry re. Jesus Christ the Apple Tree

A Centenary Record – East Haddon Independent Church 1811-1911

Christianity in Northamptonshire & The Beginnings of Organised Dissent

Handwritten note about Rev. Thomas Ruston 1838-1916 Minister of LB Congregational Church

The Pattern of Rural Dissent: the 19thCentury by Alan Everitt

Compton Census 1676

Andrew Parminter – 18thC Minister of the Gospel – Leslie Ivory’s notes

The Memorials of the Independent Churches in Northants. – Thomas Coleman 1853

Copy of original document held at Records Office 1835 (unsure what it is about!)

The Vicarage entry for 1871 census

Press cutting from Daventry Weekly Express re. Evangelical Free Church 1981

Typed notes on the start of the Roman Catholic Church in Long Buckby 1974

The Gifts – The Story of St. Joseph’s Church Long Buckby

History of St. Joseph’s Church in Long Buckby by P.O. O’Keeffe 1995

Copy of note on Antiomianism

Copy of village website enquiry 2014 re. Little Bethel

National Archives entry of Long Buckby Baptist Church

British Listed Buildings entry re. Church of St Lawrence 1968

Long Buckby Church Monthly Magazine 1894

Long Buckby Congregational Church – Leslie S. Ivory & copy of photos of Ministers

Photocopy of Invitation to POW show

Floor Plan of Schoolroom ? St. Lawrence Church

Press cutting from Daily Express re. epitaph for Long Buckby grave

List of Subscriptions – not sure what for or date

Wharf Church – extract from Northampton Mercury 1901

St. Gregory’s Church entry 1537

Long Buckby Baptist Church poster celebrating 150 years – 1996


Phil Davis’ dissertation entry Commerce and Industry at Buckby Wharf

E-mail 2009 re. Spotted Cow, New Inn & Toll House

Note re. William Castell

Richard Worster – Plan of Property 1868

Picture of the Semlar family outside The Wharf Church

1884 & 1886 copy of Wharf Church services

1901 request for funds for electric light & heating in church

1902 Wharf Church Bazaar details

1903 Wharf Church Tea and Vestry Meeting

19967 Buckby Wharf – details of public meetings re. future of church

“The Flight” 2003 – article How The Gentry sought a station at the Wharf

From Narrow Board by L.T.C. Rolt 1944 – The Grand Union Canal

Timothy Finn’s article on The Annual Ritual of Falling in the Canal – talking to Henry Grantham

Copies of press cuttings from Waterways World 1978 – Buckby Can Shop Closes & 1913 article LB Oldest Baptist dies

Press cutting 1967 Buckby Canal Veteran dies

Copies of 1938/9 Buckby Wharf Women’s and Girls’ Club balance sheet


Handwritten notes re. British Legion

Handwritten notes re Medical/Dental/Pharmaceutical

Notes on W.I. Scrapbook 1965

Copy of Defence Regulations Cultivation of Lands Order 1939

Small Holdings and Allotments Act 1908 relating to Elm Lodge Farm 1909

Photocopy of letter from Dr. Watson to Dr. Cox 1858

Copy of 1723 Inventory of Goods and Chattels and Personal Estate of Edward Robinson

Copy of map of Medieval Markets in Northamptonshire 1086-1205 and 1251-1350

Copy of The origins of Northamptonshire People 1933 from The Northampton County Magazine

Copy of Janet Ellis’ relation’s letter 1829 (marked not Buckby)

Drawn illustration of Beadle’s Staff’s inscription 1832

Handwritten recipe for Buckby Feast Pudding – from ?Joan Hall

A Childhood in Old Long Buckby – typewritten note with no date or author’s name

Long Buckby History – Miscellaneous Notes and References (2)

A Hundred Years Ago – Long Buckby in the 1880’s

Long Buckby Local History Notes – Mrs. Frost’s Scrapbook 1953

Long Buckby Local History Notes – notes from Country Life in Northamptonshire from the turn of the century

Long Buckby – Notes on the History of LB made during discussion with Harold Clifton

Extract from the will of William Facer of West Haddon Wool-comber 1757

Handwritten note – English Reports – King’s Bench 1805 – by K.J. Hall 1990


Lists for the following years showing Date, Page, Col. No. Contents of Article etc.

1858, 1863.1864, 1865, 1866, 1867, 1868, 1869, 1870, 1871, 1873, 1874, 1875, 1880, 1881, 1882, 1887, 1889

1891, handwritten note re 1894, 1902, handwritten note re 1720, 1780, 1762/3, 1766, 1832

Handwritten note re. articles in Northampton Mercury index for 1878, 1898, 1904, 1925

  1. CO-OP

Long Buckby Self-Assistance Industrial Society Limited – Receipted bills from May 1936

Photocopy press cutting of Long Buckby Industrial Society Limited opening in new premises – undated

Notes on Long Buckby Self Assistance Industrial Society and the building erected by the Society in the High St./Church St.

Notes re. Co-op Minutes

1977 Epitome of Title

Val Muscutt’s handwritten note re. Co-op

Tea towel from Rochdale Pioneers Museum

Motor Insurance Policy with Co-operative Insurance Society Ltd. For Phil Davis and Morris 1100 Saloon 1968

Copy of Mr. A. Shatford’s membership cert.

Handwritten note from Northampton Mercury 1908 re Managers

Copy of Rochdale Pioneers’ Equitable Society

Copy of Cinema Bookings 1939 & copy of poster for The Morals of Marcus

Photocopy of Conveyance between Long Buckby Self Assistance Industrial Society Ltd. and Frank Packer 1906


Library Service – Family History and Heritage 2015

Handwritten note on Past and Present Articles – 1964 – 1999

Northamptonshire Past and Present Index

Handwritten notes on Documents to be found in Northampton Record Office

Entries in the Place Name Index at Northampton Record Office under Long Buckby

Entries in the Daventry Collection Index at Northampton Record Office under Long Buckby

Long Buckby History – List of references to the Village – Suggestions from David Hall

Catalogue of Photographs, Prints and Engravings at Northampton Record Office under Long Buckby

Northampton Museum – entries under Long Buckby in Index

Northampton Central Library – Photographs and Illustrations of Long Buckby

Northampton Record Office references to Long Buckby (Place Names)

Deposits from St. Lawrence Church into N.R.O. 1978

Northampton Record Office  – Long Buckby Items in Map Catalogue

Northampton Record Office  – Long Buckby Deed References

Northants. Past and Present – Articles of Interest 1948-1972

Public Record Office – Duchy of Lancaster references

The English Strand of the UK Archives Network – N.R.O & Warwickshire County Record Office references

Gloucester Waterways photos relating to L.B.

Phil Davis’ Dissertation references 2004



  • – FILE 1 – PHOTOS

Photocopy of Pride of the Midlands – Walker & Soames Brewers Long Buckby

Photo identification display – names and places needing identification

Miscellaneous and poor quality

Photos for cataloguing

Several black and white photos (without descriptions or names)

Copies – Streets and Buildings (without descriptions or names)

People Modern (mainly with descriptions or names)

Village Modern (a few with descriptions or names)

Village businesses (mainly with descriptions and dates)


Old Photos – not Buckby

  1. Clarke clock and face

Unknown and names from war memorial

People for cataloguing

Copies of people (without descriptions or names)

Display photos (without descriptions)

Old black and white photos named for cataloguing/scanning


2 – FILE 2 – HISTORY PAPERS – Articles, Presentations and Comments regarding Long Buckby

Wheels of Fortune – Maclaren pushchair – from Financial Times Magazine 2003

A 70- Year Celebration for Long Buckby WI – press cutting from Daventry Express April 1992

Northampton Past and Present item by Wimersley Bush

Copy of 1759 Land Tax Return

Victorian Buckby – paper by Phil Davis

Region Focus item on Long Buckby by Phil Davis in Property Matters 2003

Wendy Raybould’s 1862 item relating to Charles Coleman’s death from typhoid

Ernie Mitchell’s African Travels 1928

A History of Long Buckby (possibly put together by Ernie Mitchell)

Northamptonshire Past and Present – A Troublesome Guardianship in the 18thCentury

Phil Davis’ notes to Angela Pates on Women at Work and final script 1998

Copy of handwritten notes on Long Buckby – Research by Winifred Wilson (wife of Harold J. Wilson – Draper) before 1962

Article on Nora O’Keefe – Northants. Village Guide 2003

William Wadsworth’s Will – copy dated 1695

Joan Hall’s Memoirs 1992

Country Life in Northants from the turn of the century – memoirs of Arthur Wareing a L.B. Carrier’s son

Notes on 2003 talk given to LB Local History Society by Angela Pates on Leisure – Victorian Style

Long Buckby 1900-1929 – Talk given by Ian Dexter 2000 from his mother Iris’ point of view (2)

Photocopy of Editorial of item Long Buckby Boys School 1915 publication (poor quality)

Finding a Role – the Long Buckby Women’s Liberal Association 1894-1913 by Jennifer R. Thompson

Memories of a Childhood in Long Buckby – by Marshall Facer for his Grandchildren

Transcripts of Local History Interviews 1989/90 with Elderly Residents (19 individuals)

3 – FILE 3 – 1871 CENSUS etc.

1871 Long Buckby Census Enumeration District No. 2 – Including a Surname Index (compiled by Mr. S. Amos)

1871 Long Buckby Census Enumeration District No. 3 – Including a Surname Index (compiled by Mr. S. Amos)

1871 Long Buckby Census Enumeration District No. 4 – Including a Surname Index (compiled by Mr. S. Amos)

1777 Northants. Militia List for Long Buckby (compiled by Mr. S. Amos)

1795-1837 Baptisms for Long Buckby “Independent” including d.o.b. & surname index (compiled by Mr. S. Amos)

1813-1874 Baptisms for Long Buckby including a surname index (compiled by Mr. S. Amos)

1874-1894 Baptisms for Long Buckby including a surname index (compiled by Mr. S. Amos)

1894-1922 Baptisms for Long Buckby including a surname index (compiled by Mr. S. Amos)

1922-1954 Baptisms for Long Buckby including a surname index (compiled by Mr. S. Amos)

1876-1898 Marriages for Long Buckby Baptist Chapel & 1899-1937 with surname index (compiled by Mr. S. Amos)

1875-1914 Burials for Long Buckby Baptist Chapel including surname index (compiled by Mr. S. Amos)

1847 List of Members for Long Buckby Baptist Chapel with date of Baptism & surname index (compiled by Mr. S. Amos)

1881 Census – Residents of Union Workhouse, Daventry


 (Possibly used for Phil Davis’ M.A. course at Leicester University)

Blaze at Buckby – Wool-combing

John Bridges’ article on Long Buckby

Working Lives Long Buckby

Shoemakers in Northamptonshire 1762-1911 – Victor Hatley

Prospectus of the Long Buckby Shoe Manufactory Ltd.  1867

Tales of Whittlebury Forest 1-5

Northants. Past and Present – Building Materials used in Northants.

V.C.H. Northamptonshire (1906) Industries – Introduction, Quarries, Mining, Forestry, Bell Founding, Pipe-making, Leather

The Royal Forests of Northamptonshire 1558-1714 – Philip Pettit

The Woodland Landscape of Southern Northamptonshire – David Hall

Woods and Woodland Management The Bailiwick of Rockingham 1700-1840

Northants. Past and Present 1975 – The Rise of Industrial Kettering – Ron Greenall

Royal Commission n Historical Monuments – Archaeological Sites in NW Northants 1981

A mid- seventeenth century Scheme for Navigation on the River Nene – H.J.K.Jenkins

Ships at Peterborough, Efforts to Create an Inland Port – H.J.K Jenkins

Northants. Past and Present – The Development of Corby – Before 1918

Northants. Past and Present – The Kettering Worsted Industry of the 18thCentury

Local History and National History – C. Pythian Adams

Various copies of maps of Northamptonshire & villages

The Northamptonshire Area – Ironstone Quarries of Northants. – Eric Tonks

Northants. Past and Present – Small Stone Houses in Northamptonshire – M. Seabourne 1963

Economic History Review – 19thC scandal or 20thC model? A new look at “open” and “close” Parishes – Sarah Banks

Economic History Review – Proto-Industrialization:  A Concept too Many – D.C. Coleman

Migration in a Mature Economy – Dudley Baines (Leics. University Library)

Northants. Past and Present – The Impact of Pauper Settlement 1691-1834 – James Taylor

Midland History – The coming of Coal:  Industrial Development in a South Shropshire Parish – G. Nair & D. Poyner

Three Essays on the Population & Economy of the Midlands – J.D. Chambers

Economic History Review – Evidences of Industrial Growth on Some 15thC Manors – E.M.Carus-Wilson

Economic History Review – The Poor Employment Act of 1817 M.W. Flinn

The History Journal – Proto-Industrialization?  Cottage Industry, Social Change and Industrial Revolution

Journal of Economic History 1972 Proto-Industrialization : The 1stPhase of the Industrialization Process

English Rural Communities – 9.  Rural Depopulation in 19thC England

Colonisation as a Factor in the Planting of Towns in NW England – J.D. Marshall

Men on the Land and Men in the Countryside:  Employment in Agriculture in early 19thC England – E.A. Wrigley

The Northampton Shoemakers’ Reaction to Industrialisation:  Some Thoughts – Keith Brooker

Northants. Past and Present – The Kettering Worsted Industry in the 18thCentury

A Bit on Products (quality etc.) from P. Mounfield

Daventry Boot and Shoe Manufacturers 1830-1928

Industrial Landscapes in the East Midlands – Leather and Rural Crafts – Marilyn Palmer

Northants. Past and Present – Politics and Society in Late Victorian Northants.

Annals of the Labouring Poor – enclosure and employment – Keith Snell

Social Relation – The Poor Law

Northants. Past and Present – Parliamentary Enclosure in Northants: Processes and Procedures – J.W Anscomb

Northants. Past and Present – Political Shoemakers

When was the Industrial Revolution in the Eat Midlands? J.V. Beckett & J.E. Heath

Northants. Past and Present – – The Poor in Rothwell 1750-1840

Northants. Past and Present –  The Northamptonshire Crop Returns for 1801

Pitt’s Northamptonshire – Natural Economy – View of Agriculture of Northants. 1818

Northants. V.C.H. 1906 – Misc. Industries – Gloves, Whips and others

Northants. V.C.H. 1906 –Industries – Boots and Shoes







5  – FILE 5 – WORKERS EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATION – Course-notes from Ron Greenall’s Long Buckby History Course 1970’s

Many different notes on various aspects of the village’s history through the ages – most of which are incorporated in files under their different subjects headings


6 – FILE 6 – DISSERTATION PAPERS – Articles Working Papers Notes for Books etc.

Census Analyses etc. (including Wharf) – mainly handwritten analyses of several Census returns

Lists of L.B. Residents – land tax etc. and working papers – and a few handwritten analyses

Long Buckby Politics – notes and working papers

Wendy Raybould’s papers on wool etc.

Rural Life in Victorian England – handwritten notes

Religion and Society in a Cotswold Vale – handwritten notes

Pattern of Rural Dissent – the 19thCentury – handwritten notes

Family Formation in an Age of Nascent Capitalism – handwritten notes

Footwear workers – Age Differences 1841 and 1871

1841 Census Long Buckby Shoemakers

Shoe-workers and Population 19thCentury

Family Structures 1841 and 1871

Household sizes 1841 & 1871




Notes from Ron Greenall’s course notes itemised in following sections:

  • Agriculture
  • Industry/Commerce
  • Religion
  • Government and Politics
  • Education

Phil Davis’ notes – Press cuttings, Northampton Record Office Daventry Collection, Note from Vestry Minutes 1826-1944, Destruction of the Warren and Lodge Inclosures 1656


Workers’ Educational Association’s notes from:

  • Technology of the English Country House 1994 (Geoffrey Starmer)
  • Working Lives course1999 (Geoffrey Starmer)
  • Big Issues course 2000 (Diana Evans)

Wendy Raybould’s notes – WEA Making of the British Landscape 1989

A variety of other photocopied historical documents – probably not related to WEA courses and possibly duplicated elsewhere

A History of Northamptonshire – WEA course by R. L. Greenall 1979-80



Abstract of Answers and Returns for Northamptonshire villages relating to 1831 Census

The Population of a Northamptonshire Village in 1851 – a Census Study of Long Buckby – A.G. Blay

Long Buckby Baptisms and Burials in 18thCentury

Baptist Burials since 1944

Plans of Churchyards names on computer (see also Phil’s History file  – Churchyard Names List.xls)

Population 1720-1911 (handwritten note)

Signatories to Warren Enclosure 1656

Terriers of Land attached to Conveyances of 17thand early 18thcenturies

Long Buckby Wills (Photocopies at Long Buckby Library)

Assessment for Long Buckby for the year 1711 made after a rate of 4/- in £

Allotment Holders – Enclosure 1765/6

House Dwellers in Long Buckby 1792

Long Buckby Land Tax Assessment 1759

Long Buckby Tax Assessment 1798, 1815

1815 Land Tax Schedule

1818 Land Tax

Poll Book 1831

Electoral Register 1833/4

Long Buckby Poor Law Rate Assessment Book 1841

Militia Lists. – 1771, 1777

Woolworkers 1771/4/7

Woolworkers – Marriage Licence Bonds

An Assessment for the Necessary Relief of the Poor for Long Buckby 1841

Photocopy of pages from Pigot’s Directory 1830

Photocopy of Long Buckby entry from Kelly’s Directory 1847, 1854, 1864, 1869, 1877, 1885, 1894, 1898, 1906, 1914, 1920, 1924, 1940

Photocopy of Long Buckby entry from Welland’s Directory 1849?

Photocopy of Long Buckby entry from Mercer & Crocker’s Directory 1870

Photocopy of Long Buckby entry from Wright’s Directory 1884

Photocopy of Long Buckby entry from Steven’s Directory 1889, 1893

Residents of Union Workhouse, Daventry from 1881 Census

Register of Electors 1910, 1949

List of Long Buckby Householders in 1964 (published in Daventry Weekly Express)

Nicknames of Long Buckby Residents – recalled by Eleanor Newitt 1983

Photocopy of Crown Rents Owed 1664 (Original owned by Richard Tebbitt)

Photocopy of Welcoming Home Certificate for George William Tebbitt – June 1901

Long Buckby Building Date Stones 1690-1850

10 – FILE 10 – ENQUIRIES AND RESPONSES 1983 – 2004

Many different enquiries and responses (many via e-mail or village website enquiry) with surname of person being enquired about written at top


Many different enquiries and responses (many via e-mail or village website enquiry) with surname of person being enquired about written at top.


Clifton Family

Keith Newitt’s Family (2 files)

Newitt II

Lines Family and Emigration

Will of William Wadsworth the Elder

George Sabin

Hickman Family

Robins Family

George Fall and family (2 files)

Blincow Family

Obituaries – various

Mason Family

Holyoake Terrace – Occupants (as remembered by Addie Rodhouse and Iris Dexter in 1989)

Granger/Bateman Families

Darlow Family

Muddiman Family

Bunting Family – Buckby references in 18/19thCentury Records

Dowsett Family

Freeman/Hanwell Families

Bandey Family

Joseph Ward & Joseph Bannister – founders of Long Buckby Co-op and Rev. G.Crossley

Death notices of Austin Beddard, John Sharpe and building on The Banks

Herbert Phillips’ Story

Taylors – from People at Home 1968

Mr. E. Mitchell – death notice 1943

Blencowe Families

Groves/Tomalin Families

Hanwell/Freeman/Vanderplank/Perkins Relationship

Cox Family – photocopies of obituaries etc.


Northants. County Council Annual Report 1935 – Long Buckby’s entry

Listed buildings – 1986

e-mail response re. 37 High Street

Heritage Asset Survey of Holly House

Station Road – 20thCentury dates (2)

Sale notice of Main Street and High Street lots for sale/rent

Sale notice for Sibley House, land and other accommodation – September 1945

Ashmore Farm – extract of lease 1938

Civil Parish of Long Buckby – details of important properties and churches in the village

History notes on Date Stones on village buildings

Pumps and Wells

Notice of Clearance Order 1937 to Mrs. N. Coles re. West Street dwellings, Long Buckby

Long Buckby Buildings

Natural Building Materials – Long Buckby

Notes on the history of The Grange, Long Buckby

Plan of Property in Long Buckby belonging to Richard Worster 1868

Sale notice for Lodge Farm 1995

Many different sheets (mainly handwritten) of History Society’s building survey carried out in 1982

Note on visit to village houses undertaken with Brian Giggins 1980

Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings Domesday Survey of Barnes 1986

Handwritten notes on Grange Farm – owned by Peter Spokes


Long Buckby Public Houses

1894 pages of Church Magazine with business advertisements

Notes on the History of Long Buckby Businesses made during discussion with Harold Clifton

NatWest Long Buckby Branch

Notes on Chemists in Long Buckby

Eales and Roberts – Coal merchants

Notcutt’s Northampton Budget entry for Long Buckby

Charlotte Payne – Slaughterer

Director of Long Buckby Pubs

The Old King’s Heads – publicans

Frank Palmer – Baker

W.F. Ward – Hairdressing and Tobacconist & pages of Church Magazine with business advertisements

Bob Clarke’s retail business – Brington Road

Mr. Tebbitt of Murcott

Handwritten notes (by Phil Davis) on Miscellaneous businesses through the ages

Brewing at Long Buckby – handwritten notes covering 1762 onwards

Introduction from Book on Brewing in Northants. (Local Collection) and Long Buckby entry

Businesses Early 19thCentury

Working Lives:  Long Buckby – Malting and Brewing

Working Lives:  Long Buckby – Farming

Working Lives:  Long Buckby – Occupations from 1841 -1891 Census Returns

Working Lives:  Long Buckby – Bakers and confectioners

Working Lives:  Long Buckby – Workers in Metals

Working Lives:  Long Buckby – Milling:  Water-Mills

Working Lives:  Long Buckby – Brick-making in and near Long Buckby

Working Lives:  Long Buckby – – Workers in Wood

Working Lives:  Long Buckby – Leather Trades

The Clarke Family of Long Buckby – Clock and Watchmakers and Bakers

Letterheads from variety of businesses in Long Buckby

Photocopies of various receipts and bills etc. from local businesses (10 different files)


Tomalin’s Factory, Church Street

Lever Family of Pinmakers

Wool combing (2)

History of Boot and Shoemaking at Long Buckby

Rise and Fall of the Boot and Shoe Industry of Long Buckby – Louise Green


The Pattern of Rural Dissent: the 19thCentury – Alan Everitt 1972

Wheels of Fortune – John Gapper’s article on Maclaren Buggies

The Oddfellows – Compiled by RLG 2009

The History of 75 East Street – Rhian Holvey

Northamptonshire Street Games 1980

A 19thCentury Welsh Cattle Dealer in Northamptonshire – Past and Present 1974

Long Buckby Workhouse

Ernest Mitchell’s Recollections of West and South Africa 1917-1919

Death of Eliza Gardner in 1840 – notes from History Society Meeting November 1989

Holyoake Terrace –notes by Kath Hall 1990

Article re. Alfred Collis of Murcott b. 1865

Long Buckby and Watford Gap – note by Phil Davis 1980

Natural Building Materials in Long Buckby – note by Phil Davis1980

The Admiral Rodney Public House – History Society notes 1999

The Diary of Emily Jane Tebbitt – 1864-1892

The Village of Mud, Money and Music …. – note by Phil Davis

Region Focus – Long Buckby (from Property Matters) 2003

Transcript of Interview with Elizabeth Brennecke 2010

Growing up in a Northamptonshire Village from 1915

William Mitchell’s Memories of Long Buckby (written to Jenny Pollard 2000)

Country Life in Northamptonshire from the turn of the Century – Memoirs of a Long Buckby Carrier’s Son – Arthur Wareing

Living in Villages Past, Present and Future (including article on Long Buckby)

Photocopy of Mercury and Herald October 1969 – Long Buckby events and people

Article on Walter Green from “Independent” May 1983

Turning the Spotlight on Long Buckby – from Daventry Weekly Express 1987

Folk Lore of Long Buckby introduced by Lady Henley of Watford Court 1936?

John Fall’s copy of his father’s (Victor George Fall) 1968 diary


Committee Minutes, Agendas, summary of accounts, membership lists and day to day correspondence relating to the History Society Committee from 1986 through to 2012.

18 – FILE 18 – LONG BUCKBY LOCAL HISTORY SOCIETY – Origins, Constitution and Museum

Conservation Report and Recommendations Long Buckby Museum 2011

Photocopy of draft Constitution

Items for sale and price obtained for LB History Society Grand Auction 2004

Press Release re. Opening of Village Museum

Copy of Lease for Long Buckby Museum between Parish Council, Community Centre and Local History Society

LB Community History Project – Policy Documents

Copy of plans from Community Centre to Museum

LB Community History Project – Estimate of Expenditure and Income

Detailed Financial breakdown

Long Buckby Community History Project Background and Aims

Long Buckby Community History Project – Request to William Joseph Haynes Trust for Support

Village Museum – Thoughts on the Way Forward

Your Heritage Application Form Notes and breakdown of figures and cashflow

Click Systems Delivery note 2004

Estimates for Floor Covering and Archival Materials

List of Contents of Boxes held at Long Buckby Museum

Handwritten note on Origins of History Society

Typed version of Long Buckby Local History Society as it reaches 40

AGM Minutes 17 April 2013 & Accounts

Long Buckby History 1700-2000 – ? Chapters and sources for a book on the village

MDA Copyright Essentials

WNDC Stronger Communities Fund Application Form

Long Buckby Local History Society Constitution

The Buckby Hub – Community Internet Café – proposal

Draft programme of events and letters to speakers etc. 2010/2011


Register of Electors 16 February 1985 to 15 February 1986

Register of Electors 16 February 1986 to 15 February 1987

Register of Electors 16 February 1988 to 15 February 1989

Register of Electors 16 February 1998 to 15 February 1999

Register of Electors 16 February 1999 to 15 February 2000 (2)

Restricted Register of Electors 2003 from 1 December 2002

Daventry Constituency Polling District Registration Unit – Long Buckby – October 1976

Daventry Constituency Polling District Registration Unit – Long Buckby –  October 1977

Daventry Constituency Polling District Registration Unit – Long Buckby –  October 1978

Daventry Constituency Polling District Registration Unit – Long Buckby –  October 1979

Daventry Constituency Polling District Registration Unit – Long Buckby –  October 1982

Daventry Constituency Polling District Registration Unit – Long Buckby –  October 1983

Daventry Constituency Polling District Registration Unit – Long Buckby – February 1997

Daventry Constituency Polling District Registration Unit – Long Buckby – October 2001

Points Relating to the Proposed Development of Long Buckby

Daventry District Local Plan – undated

Census 1981 Small Area Statistics

Census 1991 Small Area Statistics

Handwritten map and notes on occupants of East Street, Cotton End & High Street, Market Place, Church Street, West Street (undated – possibly 1980’s)

Handwritten note on occupants of Lakeside, Pytchley estates and Long Buckby Roads 1976

Various notes on Facts and Figures relating to development of Long Buckby

Photocopies from Robert Tebbitt’s Farm Book for 1798

20 – FILE 20 – CENSUS RETURNS FOR 1841, 1901

1841 Long Buckby Census – Photocopies of original returns

1901 Long Buckby Census – Photocopies of original returns

Draft copy of typed 1901 Long Buckby Census in Alphabetical Order

22 – FILE 22 1851 CENSUS

1851 Long Buckby Census – Photocopy of original Enumerator Returns

1851 Long Buckby Census – Typewritten sheets in Schedule order

21 – FILE 21  –  1891 & 1911 CENSUS

Photocopies of original enumerator sheets (1891

Handwritten breakdown of Shops and Businesses with sources for Long Buckby in 1890’s

Handwritten note from Directories of Business Owners

Neighbourhood Statistics for Long Buckby from 2001 Census and comparison with 1911 Census

1911 Census – Typed Schedules 2, 3 & 4 with corrected copy of print out



Envelope of photos showing roads in need of repair 2008

Tickets to History Society’s Jubilee Dinner and Entertainment 2002

Variety of negatives

Images of Church

Envelope of random uncatalogued photos

Photo of band to be returned to Mrs. Mitchell!

Railway – old photos

Photos from Joyce (and Ron Greenall) of Church choir and Buckby at Campden

Darby and Joan Outing to Eastbourne 1986

Photos of Herbert Phillips and his rabbits

Survey of Cob Walls in LB (and report of findings) by Heather Bird 2005

Monday Lunch Club participants – small photo album

Photos and negatives of people and places with links to LB from US, Australia etc

Responses to Parish Council Questionnaire on Village Growth – date unknown

Photos of foundation stone of History Society Museum being laid +Newspaper delivery receipts from Cross and Harrison

Photos of History Society Floats and of Committee Members

Three Zip Discs of Final Text etc. of Long Buckby at the Millennium

Millennium Project 1 – box of 10 discs

Millennium Project 2 – Box of 10 discs

Poor quality Photos from Jack Hobbs of Pumpkin Show, Carnival, Schools

Selection of History Society Annual Programmes of events

N.C.C. Know Your Councillor and Corporate Management Team

Discs of Long Buckby Wills (Amstrad files)

Censuses 1841 and 1901

Variety of slides of Long Buckby places and events from late 1970’2 early 1980’s

Various slides for sorting

Spare slides – unsorted (2)

Slides ”Need Identifying”

Slides – Long Buckby Local History Society

Slides for cataloguing

Old Spares etc. for sorting – People/Streets/Buildings

More History slides for sorting + 1 unmarked

AGM Quiz 2002 slides

Infant School slides of school events

Letterheads and field views

“Member” stamp

Celebration of Marriage of Prince Charles to Diana held at 6 West Street (Jack and Dorothy Hobbs)

White wooden box of random photos of Buckby people and events (mainly identified and some dated)

Four audio tapes (3 unmarked, 1 of Stanley Unwin and Jack Maycock

Foil milk bottle tops from Les Hales



Draft map of Registered Common Land and Open Country 2003

Countryside Walks Long Buckby – footpath map of village streets, footpaths and illustrated points of interest by Phil Davis

Various maps of village – different scales and purposes

Photocopy of some pages of Long Buckby Church Book 1760 (2)

Envelope containing original documents and letters regarding Manorial Rights 1849-1936

Photocopies of Long Buckby Self Assistance Industrial Society’s Abstract of Title 1914 & Conveyance 1914

Photo negatives from 1980’sand WI 90thAnniversary Celebrations CD

Waitrose bag – 27 original Wills/Deeds from Long Buckby properties from 17thand 18thcenturies (writing difficult to decipher)*

Beatties bag – 24 original Wills/Deeds from Long Buckby properties from 17thand 18thcenturies (writing difficult to decipher)*

*Should these be given to the Records Office for appropriate storage?


Long Buckby Local History Society Programmes over the years

Long Buckby Local History Society finance documents (closed)

Long Buckby Local History Society miscellaneous items relating to finance 1977 – 1987

Ridge and Furrow – items from Northants. County Council

Long Buckby Wills – Original papers of copies of wills, etc.

Photos of Tennis Tournament (dates not given)

Photo competition winners (date not given)

Displays re Newitt’s Forge

1891 Census – Photocopies of originals

Long Buckby Local History Society – VE Day in Long Buckby

Long Buckby Local History Society – Museum Project